Randy Guine

Actor & Singer


Randy Guine (Born 2 October 1988) is a French actor, comedian, writer, singer.

Randy is known for his work on Swiss TV Show Carrak Attack as Actor/Writer and his internet sketches. In addition to his acting work, Randy is a Soul/R&B Singer and was a member of a Gospel Choir. He also does stand-up comedy and perform all around the world (France - Cameroon - Switzerland - Haiti)

Born in Paris, Randy moved to Switzerland (Lausanne) when he was 14. That’s when Randy starts to apply to audition through various internet casting calls.

After realising that no audition matches his profile, in 2014, Randy created “Studio Meublé” with some friend to produced, write and act in his own videos. The studio helps him to developed his skills as writer, actor and filmmaker. 

2 Years later he’s signer with local TV a 3 years contract for a comedy TV show called Carrak Attack as Writer and Actor. Ambitious, Randy decided to pursue his acting in London, he landed in September 2018.  Randy went straight into training by enrolling to part time drama school classes at  (Royal Central & IDSA)

Randy has a very strong social media following and creates his own content - He feels that with the right guidance in London he'll be a force to be reckoned with.




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