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My name is Sara and I am A Hungry Blonde. I was born and raised on the stunning banks of “Lac Léman” in Switzerland and I am very grateful for my stunning home. However, I have always loved travelling and discovering new places. I travel as often as possible and I plan on discovering as many new countries, cities, beaches as I can, eating along the way (of course!).


I have always had a passion for cooking and having a major sweet tooth. Yet, over the years, I have learnt to find the balance between healthy living and indulgence. I hope to inspire you through simple easy to make recipes, my travel guides and sharing products I find along the way.


When I am not working, I can be found building up a sweat at Crossfit Riviera. I love being outdoors, enjoying my surroundings, cooking or simply relaxing with a  with a cold Aperol Spritz.




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